We have to learn to let our Boys be free. When you stifle, police and control Black boys you leave unfinished works in progress who grow into men who are still boys at heart. Confused about our identities. Little boys who become men who never feel like they are enough. Little boys who become men who equate their manhood and masculine identity in the amount of money they make and the amount of women they can sexually conquer. Boys who suffer from anxiety and depression. Boys who never feel like they are enough …but can’t talk about it because men don’t talk about our emotions. This isn’t creating strength; it is fostering weakness. We are creating men who do not know who they are, but are forced to navigate the world pretending that we are fully in control of our identities, sexualities, bodies and our emotions.
Don’t Touch My Hair
Paul A. Bromley

What a powerful statement. Embolden their pride and confidence. Your writing is always a joy to read & that album is still on repeat.

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