Techstars is Rising the Rest

The constant question I hear when meeting with companies that are curious about Techstars KC is — what are you looking for in companies?

The answer is simple, yet complicated. It’s really about the founders. My objective is to understand the reason they are uniquely qualified to solve a problem and, whether we both agree that it is a problem worth the blood, sweat and tears of starting and scaling a company.

Techstars has said it time and time again. We choose companies based on five things: team, team, team, market, and idea.

I was just in D.C. with Steve Case at the Rise of the Rest Summit. Techstars has been operating in what Steve refers to as Rise of the Rest Cities since 2006. What hasn’t changed since 2006, is that thousands of companies are started every year. Unfortunately, most of those companies don’t scale. The messy details of executing and scaling a company is what you gain from participating in Techstars. Apply to Techstars Kansas City if you are ready to dig in. If you want access to amazing serial entrepreneurs, executives who have taken companies from zero to $1B and awesome funders whose experience can keep you from the pain of the road bumps you are heading toward.

The world is shifting. There is an opportunity to both start and grow a company from anywhere in the world thus why the Rise of the Rest is an opportunity for everyone. Technology has enabled the opportunity to start and scale a company faster than ever before. I have been blown away by the companies I have met when visiting Arizona, Illinois, North Carolina, Washington D.C., South Africa and those who participated in the Taste of Techstars in Kansas City this year.

Finding companies who are ready to scale isn’t hard. Finding companies with founders who were made to scale their companies is a bit more tricky. If you think I am talking about you, then you better know the last day to apply is April 9th. Let’s do this!

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