Fund your way to the Lesbians Who Tech New York Summit 2016: crowdfunding & more

Listen, we know it’s summer and your budget is devoted to rooftop cocktails and the destination trip of your dreams. Or you’re burning the midnight oil getting that passion project / super amazing startup off the ground. In either case, we feel you and we want YOU to be at the Lesbians Who Tech New York Summit on September 22–25.

We promise this to be the best, badass, tech conference around with amazing speakers and LGBTQ women in tech and their allies, rallying together to discuss, promote, and rock like no other community can. We know we’re biased but watch the magic of our SF Summit to understand why you need to find a way to join us.

Because we know how complicated life can get, and we don’t want anything to stop you from being in New York when the doors open for our Summit, we have a few tips on how to get there. Tip #1: we strongly suggest taking this opportunity by the horns and being your own best supporter. Get your friends and family and even strangers on board to support you by creating an Indiegogo campaign to send you to the Summit. Never done crowdfunding before? No problem. We got you.

Getting an Indiegogo campaign started is easy.

  • Set up an Indiegogo account here.
  • Then, get ready for the spotlight. Shoot a video telling everyone why you want to attend the Summit. Think big: who do you hope to meet, how will it impact your life, and what can it mean for your career? We and the community that cares about you need to hear and understand why attending the Summit means so much to you.
  • Share, share, and share some more. Send your campaign to everyone you know. Think cross-channel: email, text, call, Insta, Tweet, Snap, Facebook post, LinkedIn…
  • That’s it! Get ready to pack your bags. Don’t believe it’s that easy? Check out this successful campaign from Jae Sung who attended our San Francisco Summit because of her inspiring Indiegogo campaign and efforts to get it out into the world.

What makes a campaign work for you to get to the Summit?

  • Do tell your story. We strongly recommend video. People who donate want to connect with you and to see on your face and in your voice why this really matters.
  • Tell everyone exactly how funds donated will be used. Do you need money to pay for the ticket? Your Airbnb? Your flight? Outlining this clearly is key to getting people to visualize how exactly they will help you get to the Summit.
  • Don’t sit on the sidelines. Be sure you are really sending that link out and asking people to share it with their teams and communities. Tell the people at your gym. Share the links on listservs. Tell your boss you want to go and why. The people and communities you doubt may be your biggest contributors. You never know unless you ask. It may surprise you how asking for help can actually lead to people stepping up, willingly wanting to fund your ticket and trip.

Still unsure, doubtful, and in disbelief that you can make this happen? Check it out: these people did and you can too!

We promise that our Lesbians Who Tech community will be your biggest supporters. We have your back. Along with sharing out to your individual communities, we’ll match your effort by sharing your campaign in our newsletters and social media; putting your campaign in front of our community of over 15,000 queer women and allies. We want to hear your voices in the crowd cheering and see your faces in the audience. Let’s make this happen!

Please send the following details to by August 15, 2016:

  • Your name
  • Link to your campaign
  • 1 sentence about why you want to attend the Summit
  • Title subject line: “Help me get to New York”

P.S. Not sure an Indiegogo campaign is for you? Check out this blog post on other ideas we have on how to get you to the Summit.

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