Tips for your first #LWTSUMMIT!

We remember our first summit. We had tech, we had lesbians, we had fun, and we learned (a lot). With our first-ever New York Leadership Summit just a day away, we want to share some tips for first-time summit attendees. Don’t fret, we’re here to help you have the best experience of your life.

Summit Logistics

Where can I find the agenda?

What is the wifi situation?

  • Non-existent! And expect semi-jammed cell service

Will there be places to plug in electronics?

  • There will be outlets, but we can’t promise they’re available 😛

Any recommendations on what to bring with us to the conference?

  • Proper clothes, there’s a hurricane!
  • Comfy shoes because there’s lots of walking & standing
  • Business cards, if that’s your thing
  • Phone chargers/backup batteries, you’ll be using yours a lot for photos and selfies + social media.
  • Water bottle! Stay hydrated




  • All main stage talks will have an ASL interpreter on stage and live streams will have closed captioning.


  • No animals are allowed in any venues, except for service animals.

Wheelchair access

  • All venues are wheelchair accessible with ADA approved restrooms.

Quiet Spaces

  • There are a number of public places around the venue that can serve as quiet/decompress zones.

Nursing Room

  • We’ll have a nursing room and we will share details about the space soon!

Job Fair

How do I make the most of the job fair; what should I expect?

  • Be open. We all want you to win!
  • Know what type of role you’re looking for so you can have the right conversations.
  • Prep before by looking at our hiring partners’ open jobs on and click through the company logos.
  • Save the trees and submit your resume to 100+ hiring partners ahead of time here:


How does speed mentoring work?

  • It’s a fun, fast way to meet people in your field — and have frank conversations about career growth. In a quick 30 minutes, you can give advice that might change someone’s entire life.
  • All you have to do is sign up, then show up for one session (or more, if you want). We’ll provide all the guidance and prompts and you’ll get to provide wisdom to multiple mentees. You’ll feel good; they’ll feel good. It’s a win-win.


What attire is suggested?

  • Clothing is all you. We don’t have a dress code and suggest people dress in whatever they feel best in. Plus the days are long, so we aim for comfy. Yes there are companies on site, and yes, you might want to make great first impressions, so really, wear what you think is right. No one will knock you for flip flops and a t-shirt, but if you want to step it up, we won’t mind either :)

General Tips for a Rad #LWTSUMMIT

  1. Be open. There are so many amazing people at summit, from VR to Robotics to FinTech and Fashion. It’s one of the most diverse crowds we’ve ever seen in every aspect.
  2. Don’t be afraid to strike up convos. Most of the friends we’ve made at Summit over the years happened by chance. You’re standing in line, you compliment someone’s hair, and next thing you know the two of you are grabbing lunch with a whole crew and wham, new friends!
  3. Take advantage of the lunch meetups we run. We try to have as many as possible for all different communities and interests. There will be some for UI/UX and design, engineering, QPOC, parents, and more!
  4. Stay hydrated and energized! We kick things off around 8:30–9:30am and sometimes go till 2–3am (#afterparties). Since we’re right in the middle of the Castro, coffee is always at your fingertips, so take advantage if that’s your energy of choice, and keep drinking water. You’ll thank us on day 3.
  5. Use the app! Everyone who is attending is on the app, you can share to the newsfeed, message people directly, connect via LinkedIn, and check out the schedule + save your favorite talks to check out. People get very active on the app, posting everything from their cutest pet photos to throwing out random meetups and happy hours. Everyone registered will receive an invite for the app as summit approaches. Download it here:
  6. Have fun! As a team who’s been to ALL THE CONFERENCES, Lesbians Who Tech is by far the best one. It’s not dry, everyone is welcoming, and most importantly, it’s filled with people like you, and everyone wants you to win. It’s a feeling like no other and sometimes hard to describe, but once you arrive you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about :)
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