The Cost of Universal Basic Income is the Net Transfer Amount, Not the Gross Price Tag
Scott Santens

UBI was tried in a few communities in Canada in the 1970’s, and it worked fantastically. Contrary to the thought that it would lead to more deadbeats, the oposite happend. Having that basic level covered allowed people who otherwise felt that getting a minimal job would cost too much…think childcare cost, got out and got a job becasue they could add to their net benefit rather than working the minimal job, paying some amount out, and being net worse off.

We are looking at this again in Canada. My wife worked in the income support area for many years in our province, and it is amazing how much time wefare recepients spend working the system, and the army of government workers needed to administer it. If there was just one number and no additional stipends that you could apply for the program simplification from an administrative standpoint would pay for the program itself.

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