Having a beautiful decolletage is for more than lingerie models and strapless fashion doesn’t have to leave you sleepless. The delicate and alluring curves of your neck, chest and bust line need just as much attention as our lovely faces do. We spend small fortunes on hydrating face masks, brightening moisturizers, lash tinting, lip plumping and the list goes on, yet often the tender love and care stops there and never reaches below our chin. However, women in the know have realized that it’s better to get a head start on what some have called “the wrinkle you didn’t see coming”, that slowly textures our decollete creating the dreaded lines, wrinkles, and aged skin look; seemingly over night betraying all our hard work that we’ve done above. Panic often ensues since we all know that plunging necklines and bikinis show no mercy.

Why did this happen?

How did this happen?

What can we do to stop or at least slow down this from happening?

All very good questions.

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