How to Up your Instagram Game

Lessons Learned from Emilia Clarke

A few days ago Mashable posted an article about why Emilia Clarke is killing it on Instagram. I bring this up, because Ms. Clarke is doing things on Instagram that brands and businesses alike could do to step up their Insta game. So, below I have a few write ups for the techniques I think you should steal for your brand.


This is probably my favorite trick, which is why I put it first. BTS (Behind the scenes) is a great way to give followers a chance to peer behind the curtain and see what, or who, makes up your brand. Not only does this technique build trust with your followers, it also gives a more human side to your brand. While it is very important to keep a crisp and clean brand, sometimes this can come off as too sterile. Giving behind the scenes footage or photos/profiles of staff, can give a human element to your brand.

So how do you pull it off? Easy. Take photos of your factories, introduce followers to your staff via profiles or even take behind the scenes photos during a product photoshoot! The point is to give a human touch to your brand and not take it too seriously.


Everyone likes a bit of lightheartedness every once in awhile, so why not use it with your brand! While you may not need to go as crazy as Emilia and her Mother’s Day Dragon puns, you can still find funny and clever ways to promote your brand with a lighter note.

How do you do it? Throw in a pun or funny hashtag every once in awhile. Keep things lighthearted and show your followers that you don’t take things too seriously every now and then.

Celebrations/Thank Yous

Follower appreciate is always, well, appreciated. As you can see in the article, Ms. Clarke did it every time she gained another million followers. Now, maybe your brand isn’t getting to that level (and if it is you should probably be the one writing this article instead of reading it) but regardless you can always pick milestones of your own and thank your followers/customers for getting you there.

It could be followers gained, purchases made, turn out from an event, or really anything. Whatever the reason, it is always a good move to give thanks to the people who are supporting your brand.

How do you do it? Take a photo of your staff holding thank you signs, pictures of ticket stubs, maybe the aftermath of an event. Be creative and stay on brand but it’s always nice to get a thank you.


Lastly, we have outtakes. Somewhat similar to the BTS section, outtakes are a great way to show a human side of your business. If you are doing a photoshoot for your line or a commercial for a product, throw an outtake up on your Instagram to give your followers some cool bonus material. Call it what it is and be honest, customers appreciate a brand that can show a human side of business and not pretend to be perfect all the time.

How do you pull it off? Don’t think too hard about it. If you are shooting a product commercial or video, use a snippet of film from an outtake and throw it on Instagram. It should not be perfect, so don’t try to make it that way.

So there ya have it, a few clever tricks to help your brand or business up your Instagram game, courtesy of Ms. Emilia Clarke. Have anything to add, or possibly Emilia’s phone number so I can take her on a date, let me know in the comments!

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