A Letter to My Fellow Straight, Cis, Progressive White People
Jillian Steinhauer

Trump won whites by nearly the same margin as romney did in 2012 when he lost to obama. Hillary received less percentage of white, hispanic, and black votes than obama. Trump got 29% of the HISPANIC VOTE. an amazing feat for a racist. Then there was half the nation that didn’t vote at all. The republicans got about the same turnout as recent previous elections. i think that too many democratic voters just felt that it would be absurd for trump to actually win. he ran it like a reality show with drama and ludicrous statements…he made sensible americans feel that in no way this orange clown could claim the white house, while making senseless americans feel they had someone on their side spewing the same unintelligent ideals as them. I think that is evidenced by the biggest education gap among whites and all groups than there has been for decades, with the largest margin of uneducated people of all races siding with trump. the immoral, racist, xenophobic republican whities MADE SURE to vote, while us privileged (mostly) whites were sure there was nothing to worry about.

in regards to your action steps: 1 talk: all i see is talk talk talk and no action, talking wouldn’t have gotten those comfortable lazy voters to the polls for one thing. step 2: need to support non-straight-white-businesses. Um NO, everyone needs to support GOOD businesses with GOOD practices and GOOD morals WITHOUT DISCRIMINATION. and finally with regards to ‘lets wait and see what happens’ you hit the nail on the head. That is exactly what got us here. Its happened, and its not the worst that can happen if we continue to wait and see…

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