The Problem With Writing in 2016

Scrolling through your social media networks, it’s common place to see a friend share an article to some interesting post that they read. Who doesn’t love a helpful gem that you can apply to something in life that you’ve seen/experienced? But what about those articles that you read and simply think WTF?

For three years of my undergraduate career, I was a teaching assistant for the Communication department and one of the most common things that I saw amongst students was lack of clarity and difficulty creating a thesis statement. This is something that I am still seeing amongst many blog and website posts. To say that it’s frustrating is an understatement. There is nothing worse than clicking a link because the title sounded interesting only to read all the way to the bottom, and think, what was this about?

Before writing an article, think of one sentence that sums up everything that you are going to be writing about. Then do the traditional: tell them what you’re going to them, tell them, and tell them what you told them. That’s really it. There’s no magical formula but clarity. If you can stay focused and prove your point, you will have happy, consistent readers.

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