That’s quite interesting, as a 35 year old who is just learning to code, I’d like to hear more…
Richard Inga

No problem.

Actually, I more than doubled my salary. The most I ever made as a journalist, just strictly doing my job, was around $30K. I signed my contract for my first job at $70K. Going into Turing I had a little experience. I was going back to school for a year to Penn State and took a few entry level Comp Sci classes, learned some C++, Java and PHP, but I never felt like it prepared me to do something like come up with an idea and build something. Although I was a little ahead in the first few weeks of Turing, it didn’t matter when we got into things even more complicated than what I learned in those classes. We were all eventually on a level playing field.

I don’t write on it a ton, but I have a blog where I wrote a bit about my experiences: I’ll try to write a cumulative post about my experiences soon. I did write a review for Turing on Course Report and talk a bit about my story there:

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