My Entrepreneurial Journey: Mind Shift, Inspiration & Leading With Cheap

The Journey.

Since starting school and starting on this entrepreneurship journey, I have felt lost. I have been learning a ton of great things but feel like it is a jig saw puzzle and I have all of these pieces and don’t know how they fit together. I know I am still missing pieces of the puzzle, but it’ll come.

I think one of the biggest challenges has been wondering what direction to take it’s been so confusing. I’ve been wondering what is my passion? I have passions about a lot of things. I feel like when I head in a direction I always hit a wall, which I guess is normal in life, but I just feel like I’m in a maze and am trying to figure out who I am as entrepreneur and what mark will I make on the world? When I think of that, my thoughts immediately go back to my family, my son and my role as a mother. That’s my most fulfilling role and the biggest mark I will make in the world. Setting motherhood aside and looking at stuff I like to do, I think that I’ve been sent here to do something with entrepreneurship. I’m not sure exactly what yet, but I’m on the path to figuring it out.

Mind shift.

A couple of things that have been changing my thinking lately is a month or two ago, when I was working on a t-shirt business. For one of my classes I meet with a teacher who’s a successful entrepreneur himself, Elder Z and he had said a couple of different times that making cash is my first priority, then he said the researching is secondary or a reward for making cash. Cause sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in the researching or the pencil pushing to feel like you’re doing something productive, when in actuality I just don’t know what to do.

He said if you don’t have cash you can’t support yourself or your entrepreneurial dreams. It made sense and I don’t know why it took so long for me to clue in.


I believe in God and I believe that I can receive inspiration from him. One of the things I struggle with, is wondering sometimes the difference between my own thoughts and inspiration. I often get caught up in over thinking this and get more confused, so I’ve been trying to focus on what I know is good and what I know God to feel like in my life.

One of the things I’m good at and have made a little bit of money with is seeing a need or seeing thing’s people like, buying it for a good price and then reselling it for a profit. Where we live there is a need for bikes. There’s a lot of students that live in my town and don’t have cars, so I started looking for good quality bikes and then reselling them. By following “light” instead of the confusion instead of trying to pursue things I didn’t really know much about, my sales started picking up immediately. Setting goals with my mentor has shown me the power of goal setting. Each week we make growth goals and am making more money with setting goals than I had thought I would of been be ever of been able to do, with selling stuff on the side.

Sometimes fear or lack of confidence in myself holds me back. This has been a good lesson for me in going with and pursuing things that feel right or feel like “light” to me. It’s not confusion or forcefulness but I it feels right it feels like “light”. I know that maybe bikes it won’t last forever but I’m going to lean into it and see what happens.

Leading with cheap.

Along with the selling of the bikes another mentor (Richie) had us read this article he wrote on where he talks about not always leading with “cheap”. He talks about how Tesla started with a luxury car. Elon Musk needed money to start and run his company so he started with making less sales but making more money, then later once he was established he made a car for the masses. So I’ve been trying this out and offering better quality bike with a higher price and it has been working. I am making more profit in selling one bike than I would with selling 4 or 5 bed comforters which I did more of previously. It’s still small kine money but this is my journey and I’m starting somewhere.

Call To Action

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