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Your kids’ schools are closed indefinitely. Your work has gone fully remote. Now that you’re all in the house, how will you manage to keep it all together?

This is a challenging and unprecedented situation to be sure. …

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You might not have known this, but my father spoke Spanish fluently. This was always surprising to people when I was growing up, like when he’d go to Taqueria San Jose in San Francisco to order our favorite steak tacos. He’d walk up to the counter, pause for a second, and then unleash his order in rapid-fire Spanish, leaving the workers’ jaws agape.

I tell this story by way of context. As a Spanish speaker, he loved the work of Spanish writers including the Chilean poet Pablo Neruda. …

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Imagine this: you’re trying to solve an incredibly complex, thorny problem for your customers. They’ve told you the solution is to give them A, which is something that you can build pretty easily right now. And they want their problem solved now.

But (there’s always a “but,” right?) … you’ve shown some of your customers what A would look like in practice, and their response was, “That doesn’t make any sense.”

Do you give them A anyway?

Or do you wait until you find B — something that works better to solve their need, even if only in theory or on paper? What’s better: launching something that is half-baked that you’re pretty confident will cause more issues for your customers, or waiting until you’ve got something that’s fully baked that won’t cause more issues? …


Lesley Grossblatt

I'm a product innovator and mama to 2 little ones.

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