This is so inspiring.
Casey Ervin

Casey: Definitely don’t give up. I had to pay my own way starting at 17 as well . . . and help my parents out (who were financial wrecks). I went to law school right after college and guess what . . . after law school, I couldn’t find a job as a lawyer so I did things like work at My Gym (a kid’s gymnastics place) teaching pre-schoolers how to do forward rolls and as a customer support rep for Williams-Sonoma during the holidays. Had to make ends meet. Had to do whatever it took to survive. And I’ve had plenty of jobs and lost jobs along the way to where I am now at 44. But you know what? I made it, and I thrived. You’re just starting out at 22 — don’t be too hard on yourself. You’re way ahead of a lot of people because you know the value of hard work. Don’t ever give up.

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