Global tech giant Samsung paves the way for AgriFoodTech corp/startup collaboration

Herdsy — leading the herd in AgriFoodTech corporate startup collaboration

In August 2018, Samsung set out their business mission to invest in growth that represented the future of their business.

Not only did they share their view that innovations powered by AI technology will drive the future of Tech…

Forward Fooding demonstrates how Collaborative Data is the new tool shaping the Future of FoodTech

At the intersection of Food and Technology, there is a new cross road.

A brand new £250 billion category, so vast it spans from ‘agri-drones’ and restaurant robotics to supplements that help cows reduce their methane production, thus reducing cO2 emissions.

Welcome to the powerful world of AgriFoodTech.

But where two such enormous industries as Food and…

It’s here, our NEW FoodTech Data Navigator launched this week, and we bring you the key highlights of this collaborative and customisable data intelligence tool

But first…. what is FoodTech?

“FoodTech (or ArgiFoodTech) is the emergent sector exploring how technology can be leveraged to improve efficiency and sustainability in designing, producing, choosing, delivering & enjoying food”

Definition: Forward Fooding 2019

Ok, tell me more…

This week we announced the launch of our state-of-the-art FoodTech Data Navigator. A subscription data platform that captures and monitors…

Lesley Stonier

CMO | Forward Fooding

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