Gird your loins, California

Californians: right now Governor Brown is a beacon of light and a leading challenger to the new administration’s hate machine. It’s time to gird your loins for battle, however. Why do I say that?

Brown is 78 and in his last term, so you will get a replacement soon. You need your replacement to be like-minded or all of this will be for naught.

Peter Thiel - Trump crony, tech bro, and bigly libertarian - has indicated he wants to run. He has infinite money and plays a long game that includes silencing detractors (remember the Hulk Hogan lawsuit, years long, that took down Gawker — and all because of an ancient slight from a blogger).

Now is the time to come together on ONE MESSAGE, behind ONE CANDIDATE, who may not be perfect. Perfection is the downfall of Democrats.

May I suggest finding a smart, capable, charismatic person (who is not a white man) to run, then backing that person with all the might of California? Start now. Don’t delay.

Lastly, don’t discount your fellow Californians who supported Trump. They even exist in the heart of San Francisco. Whether they cast their vote for anarchy, economics, or hate — they are there, and you will need them on your side.