You do you

Hustle. Sleep hacks. Life hacks. Productivity hacks. Mindfulness. All buzz words designed to separate you from your money, focus, time, and purpose. Distractions.

Focus on you.

Not passionate about your job? That’s ok. That’s why it’s called work, and not playtime. Do the work, do it well, then go home and do life — whatever life looks like for you.

Passionate about your job? Happy workaholic? Your work is your play because you’re playing while you work? That’s ok, too. Just like religious beliefs; however, it isn’t cool to try and force those passions onto others.

Whichever camp you fall in, it’s pretty clear that neither hustle nor life happen by osmosis. Put down those videos, podcasts, and books about “the hustle” and the ones about “work-life balance” that are taking you away from succeeding at either one, and go do you.