How to become a Social Worker? Leslie Dongell

When we talk about a social worker then we have to know about working of a social worker. What is the work of a social worker? What a social worker does for society, etc. There are a lot of questions that stick in our mind. Leslie Dongell said it is clear from the title “social worker” those people who works for society. This profession in related to helping families, individuals and different -2 communities.
If somebody wants to make his/her career in social working, then first of all you have learned about social working. You have to become more active you can also see the example of Leslie Dongell she is a successful social worker. Leslie faces many problems in her career, but she never feels her self looser, but she overcomes her conditions with hard work. She worked for many families and people to develop their skills. You have to become more passionate if you want to become a Social Worker