Attention students, educators and computer science aficionados (no CS experience necessary)

Technolochica Ana Hernandez volunteering as a role model at 9 Dots in Los Angeles

CS Ed week is an opportunity to push past your zone of comfort and take on a challenge to become a change leader, a role model and expand your own CS skills!

CS Ed Week can be so much more than an opportunity to experience an Hour of Code. It is a time to remind yourself and others about the importance of computer science and the need for equity and access as this field becomes a driving force in almost every industry. Computer Science Education teaches marketable skills, it…

Audience: 6–12th Grade

The school year is almost over, and testing and finals are done. However, school treks on even if it may seem directionless. So let’s talk about what you can do to make the last few days meaningful to the students. Here are 5 ideas (mostly using technology) to prepare your students for life outside of school and assist them on their personal academic and professional journey. Ideas include coding, building resumes, portfolios and college planning. …

Leslie Aaronson

Advocate for College and Career Readiness. former LAUSD Teacher of the Year and HS Tech teacher in South LA.

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