Because of you, Mr. President

Because of you, Mr. President, I was able to grow into a confident adult not too afraid to hide in the shadows.

Because of you, Mr. President, I was able to work my way through school (without government aid) because when they didn’t give in, you made things happen.

Because of you, Mr. President, I can achieve goals I never dreamed possible because YOU had faith in us brown kids.

Mr. President you taught me how much I can do when I learn to play the game, we as minorities are not supposed to be able to play. You taught me that there is not a way to make the oppressor angrier than by being the best I can be and refusing to sit back. I will never forget the lessons you taught me by being the best person you could be even when those around you never seemed to acknowledge it.

Losing you, Mr. President, is like losing a family member. The family member that always had my back, even when no one else did. Thank you, for having my back for the past eight years.

Thank you, Mr. President, for allowing our families to live in peace while my generation gained the tools to work for change. Thank you, for allowing us the opportunity to grow and gain enough knowledge to stand up for ourselves and for others. Thank you, Mr. President, for being the people’s president and for fighting for our rights. You said yes we can, and though we aren’t there yet, Mr. President, now it is our turn y si, si se puede.

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