Why you should vote this year

I am not going to tell you who to vote for, but I am a Hispanic, Undocumented, woman, with at least some intelligence, and not a racist bigot, so it should be obvious who I want you to vote for. What I want you to know more than anything is why you should vote.

  1. You have an obligation to your country to vote! There is no reason why anyone with the right to vote should not. As a citizen of this country, or any democratic country, you should use the power you have and vote. You have the right many people don’t and refusing to use it is selfish. Two years into a term when you start complaining about how you hate the president remember how selfish you were when you didn’t take your time to vote.
  2. Voting is a privilege! There are MILLIONS of people who if granted the right would vote for the US president. I have been in the States most of my life and would give anything to be able to vote. I love this country and I consider it my home but I am not allowed to vote. As much as I can try to educate voters or potential voters nothing I do measures to the power of actually going out there to vote.
  3. Saying you don’t like either candidate is BS. Voting is not about liking a candidate. As an adult you should be able to sit down, research, and see what each of the candidates’ platforms are and what each party stands for. Realize that the media LIES ALL THE TIME. ALL. THE. TIME. Don’t base your resistance to vote on not liking either candidate as a person. First of all, everything is strategic, both candidates lie EVERY DAY. They have to stand with their party or they will not receive their support.
  4. The President, mighty as he is (or she), cannot change the country alone. Something you should know by now, and if you don’t look it up, is that other than an Executive Action, the POTUS cannot make any big decisions. Even an Executive action has limits and cannot get much done. There are steps they have to take, a candidate can promise you anything but without the House of Representatives and Senate nothing gets done.
  5. You are not voting just for the president! This one is important, let me repeat YOU ARE NOT VOTING JUST FOR THE PRESIDENT! There are so many other candidates for so many other positions who believe it or not can make almost the same impact on change as the president.

PLEASE educate yourselves, research the candidates’ platforms, GET OFF FOX NEWS, make your own opinions. Hearing your daddy say he wants you to vote for someone because he wants to keep his gun or because the other candidate is a liar is not enough to make a decision! There are so many other things that go with voting and being a responsible voter is one. Research is important because hearing things from Facebook and Fox is not enough to make a rational decision.

I may not be able to change your mind on who to vote for but PLEASE for the love you have for this country and the life you live today, realize this election can change the way you live. VOTE VOTE VOTE! And make sure you vote responsibly, not based on what you heard at work!