Nearly Five Years In
Sarah O'Grady

I LOVE your blog and have been following it for a while. (I’m not a fan of my profile pic above- where did it come from?- but can’t be bothered to change it, but I digress.) I was SO glad to see a new post from you! My husband, almost 2 year old daughter and I are relocating from Brooklyn to Cary next Spring. Hubbie’s transfering to the research triangle area and I’m in education and have a smsall business so the move is looking good on the work front. We’re both no strangers to the South, I went to undergrad in Atlanta and have family all throughout the southern states. When I read your posts I completely relate and truly appreciate the insight, wit and good dose of snark you provide. We’re looking forward to a bit more sanity, space and to enjoying our daily lives more instead of rushing through them. Thank you for providing such a great blog!

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