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I’ve moved this blog across to so please click across and sign up for the newsletter if you want to stay connected.

I’ve loved using Medium but can’t get past not being able to add a newsletter subscriber list where I can contact readers directly.

I’m sure there will be a big drop off in readers, but it’s a price worth paying as the Medium approach is throttled anyway. I prefer the model where all content is shared with everyone who has opted in for updates, so here goes!

See you on soon.

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I upgraded my Razor Core X eGPU and replaced my Macbook Pro with a Mac Mini for the perfect silent setup. No more noisy, annoying fans spinning up while recording audio.

Working from home for an extended period has made me hyper-aware of everything I can ‘optimise’ in my study. It’s optimised to within an inch of its life, but the final victory was getting my Mac setup silent. I’m using this COVID time to create our first online Pretotyping course, so a quiet environment for recording is a must.

I’ve had a fun time learning all about mics, cameras, recording, lighting, etc., but, as we know, the most important of all is limiting background noise for excellent quality audio. …

It’s week four ( April 12, 2020) of our self-imposed lockdown. One of the most useful things Kim (my wife) and I did was create order early on. This concept comes from Barry O’Reilly’s Unlearn podcast interview with an expert in Crisis management, Eric McNulty.

I like the distinction. When an event like Coronavirus (COVID-19) happens, I grasp for control.

But you can’t control the unknown, so the best alternative is to create order.

Order in our case is an agreed schedule given we’re sharing the same apartment space for a few months without leaving. …

Leslie Barry

Director + Founder at Working with companies to help innovators build The Right It using Pretotyping. 4 startups, 2 sold, 2 lessons.

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