Why I Need Cuties

Leslie Foster
Aug 21, 2018 · 2 min read

When it comes to Cuties and managing its social media, I try not to break the fourth wall too much; you’ll occasionally see me doing a Highlighter video, writing a newsletter, or hear me responding to one of Iris’ terrible dad jokes (sorry Iris!), but I much prefer being the anonymous voice of Cuties Coffee. That being said, we’ve been around for a whole year now and that’s pretty special!

I won’t speak for you, but I’ve dreamed about a space like Cuties for a very long time and I was lucky enough to see the dream becoming a reality from the very first Queers, Coffee, and Donuts as a little group of queers awkwardly got to know each other in Iris’ yard while Virginia served an early, very delicious version of the donuts that still make me smile today. I have a feeling a lot of us were dreaming of this space. I’ve seen this space become a special place for LGBTQIA+ folks of all kinds, for people who want a place to build community and enjoy a daytime space where queer people of all ages can gather and it’s been really beautiful to watch! This is how we build the future and I want a future full of places like this.

So here’s the thing: the thought of a Los Angeles without Cuties is hard to swallow but coffee shops are not easy to keep alive and Cuties hasn’t been able to meet its goals. The community has poured so much love and support into the shop (thank you!) but we need a bit more. This is where Patreon comes in, it gives us a fighting chance to keep Cuties alive and not only maintain what we’re doing but continue to grow in new and beautiful ways. It also allows those of you who love us from a distance to have a tangible effect on the shop and our local community.

Getting to be on staff at Cuties has been an honor. I’m lucky to work someplace whose values I completely support, where I don’t have to put on a mask in order to get the job done, and where I not only a portion of my livelihood but am surrounded by amazing people. With your help, a year from now, we’ll be celebrating another anniversary and a space that has evolved and grown in ways we can’t imagine right now. Thanks for helping to get us there!


Leslie Foster

Written by

LA-based writer/filmmaker and nomad artist in search of stories and dreams http://lesliefoster.art

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