The “also rans” are cramping our style…

You are newer to Twitter and learning the ropes. Through discussions with other tweeps in various existing chats you agree upon a great idea for a new chat. You quickly determine the availability of a hashtag, possibly already having an idea of the one you want, the one that makes the most sense. Next you search for the associated handle and you find that it and all similar handles have been spoken for, mostly by eggs.

While I was oblivious to Twitter when it was launched in 2006, and nearly clueless as to its utility when I established my first Twitter account in 2009, I can assure you that I have my act together now. Alas, every single decent handle I search for is occupied by accounts with 0–10 tweets, 0–10 following, and 0–10 followers. Unless I want a handle that is completely unrelated to the aforementioned chat topic or I don’t mind a handle that approaches the handle character limit. Unless I want a handle that looks like the handles everyone usually blocks because they are the handles of perverted spammers.

These tweeps with the low tweet, following, and follower counts, the tweeps with a final tweet date of March 9, 2012, are the “also rans.” They also ran to Twitter in 2006, not so sure of what it was, but very sure that they needed it. They also ran the race for followers, notoriety, and influence and quite obviously lost. Wouldn’t it be great if there was some sort of statute of limitations on accounts like these? They are holding the rest of us back!

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