5 Ways to Combat the Sunday Blues

Come Sunday, the urge to quit your professional life and travel aimlessly flushes all reasoning—it’s probably Monday’s fault. That wretched start of the workweek where back-to-back meetings rule and office coffee tastes like tar. Why go back, right? Wrong.

The worst thing you can do is get sucked in by the inevitable Sunday blues. Instead, remind yourself that your dedication to be at work every day is integral to your overall life success, and find ways to improve your mood. To help build the perfect mindset, here are five ways to boost your manic Sunday for an energetic Monday.

Watch a Ted Talk or two.

Friday night and Saturday are spent in bacchanal unrest and mindless chatter — no wonder the though of starting up the brain cells makes you want to puke. I’ve found that listening to others’ struggles and how they fight their plight checks me into the reality of how good I have it. That WTF moment when life is so real, you have no true reason to feel crapola about having a decent job where human trafficking is a direct non issue. Yeah. Your Monday is looking brighter already.

Enroll in an online course and immerse yourself in the workload.

There’s a world of free online education out there. If you’re loitering the local mall or bookstore to avoid thinking about killjoy Monday, think long and hard after hanging for hours at B&N, reading that latest issue of InTouch or Esquire: What are you doing with your life? Sign up for a free tech course, and spend time on that. At the end of the day, learning about innovative ways to enhance your skill set, or incorporating the latest trends in your work, is ten times more fascinating than reading about the dirty hipster beard and how Joe Smith wears it.

Hang at a coffee shop.

Sleeping in on Sundays is the best thing ever. But is it really? Although lingering in bed until the early afternoon may seem like the greatest discovery since the monolith in 2001: A Space Odyssey, it can lead you astray. Get up. Wash your face and head to the nearest coffee shop without looking back to that cozy apartment of yours. If the comfort of your home won’t let you be, hang for a sec. But get out. Take your laptop and a reference book from which you can learn lots. You’ll thank yourself that night, as you’re prepping ideas for that dreaded Monday morning stand-up.

Sort out your closet and pick outfits for the week.

If you’re a slave to fashion, this is you any day of the week. (If not, follow suit anyway.) Not only will you be cleaning your favorite room, you’ll be auditing your wardrobe. This helps rid of whatever trendy garb you may be reluctant to toss, while mixing and matching pieces to get those workweek outfits on fleek. At the end, you’ll have a clean space and be ready to go, setting the mode for the greatest Monday in the history of all Mondays.

Go for a walk.

Just do it. Get your ass moving. Find trails or a walking place where you can sprint your way to a brighter horizon. Think about how you can improve your professional, as well as personal, world (because you can’t save everyone else’s), and inhale. If that doesn’t give you perspective or provide aspirations, upgrade to a jog. Either way, get out and move that lazy bod.

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