If You are Voting for Jill Stein, Here is What I know About You
Sasha Stone

My wife, Janice Kohl, made the observation last night that white privilege is playing a big role in the never-Hillary crowd. It isn’t deliberate or conscious racism in many instances, it’s just that Trump’s racism is not a salient issue for many white people. For black people it is a life or death matter. Lyndon Johnson famously said in 1964 when he signed the Civil Act “There goes the South”. That, of course, happened; the white South went Republican and has stayed Republican. Black people have remained loyal to the Democratic Party (establishment) and did not support Bernie. Now, it seems that the bitter Bernie supporters are determined to destroy the Democratic Party. They will throw away their votes on a third party candidate that cannot win. It will be all the greater revenge if it turns out that Trump barely wins. They believe, of course, that Clinton is worse than Trump. Clinton’s neo-liberalism will end in fascism, they are sure. That Trump is an utter fool doesn’t concern them. That the primary source of his appeal to white people is his racism and xenophobia is irrelevant. That he could be a short-cut to fascism is irrelevant. Of course it is irrelevant, racism doesn’t threaten them. The role of the Democratic Party in passing the Civil Rights Act never enters their mind. The defeat of the Democratic Party and the presidency of Trump will somehow lead to socialism and democracy. B.S.! In the end, the never-Hillary crowd is having a white-privilege tantrum and it could tip the election Trump which is fine with them.

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