The trying times of life.

The reasons and purpose.

It is possible to lose your way, your drive, motivation, and faith in the whole process of life because of how we change and grow on a daily basis. When we are faced with lack in either of these areas within us, this is a given — a test that is part of all spiritual growth and healing.

Don’t get me wrong, though. If you are having any serious, consistent, and negative doubts that cause you to hate, despise, and neglect what you believe in and love — stop, think, and turn your beliefs around — no matter how valid it was for you.

The trying times of life are meant to make us stronger. We are meant to be believers in God and change, and every situation we are faced with should help us live a fuller life with God on our side. During our trying times, we are given the power to recognize our need for God and a good support system to help us continue on our journey with self-love, hope, and faith.

Remember that in the beginning of any true spiritual seeking, you will be tested. With all change comes the good, the bad, the ugly, and all things in between. But this does not mean that it’s not meant to be. In fact, I believe that the more trials and tribulations you have, the more God is showing you favor, love, and is giving you blessings in disguise.

You may find yourself in many situations that come your way and which cause you to use your rightful judgement. They may even ask of you to recall the pain from your past, release some anger, question yourself, and to question God about “why.”

But you should know, now, that this is normal and it happens to everyone no matter how long they’ve been practicing a spiritual path. Think of these tests as a reminder that you are supported in everything you do. Your situations should show you that you are never alone, and remember that they are opportunities to ask for help the moment you are in them; good or bad.

This is an opportunity in disguise to truly believe in, and call upon your creators, guides, and personal power for making changes.

Tap into your inner faith and see what happens during the good times, and the bad, trying times.

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