A story adapted from an informal diary study of a millenial’s text free week — driven by digital wellness goals and inspired by Natalie Ktena’s article, “It’s good to talk: Why the phone call needs to make a comeback.”

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Screenshot of texts I received halfway into my weeklong challenge

Saturday night, a friend of mine Facebook messaged me a link to Ktena’s article about her weeklong challenge to refrain from texting. I was immediately intrigued.

Reminiscing on my early teen years during the infancy of unlimited text and data plans, I revisited memories of rushing home after school to continue school bus conversations on my family’s landline and the countless hours spent sitting in front of my computer while completing homework assignments and video chatting friends on Oovoo or Skype. Back then, calling came easily.

While the amount of time that people spend on mobile devices and social networking…

The enticing stories feature is popping up on apps everywhere. Snapchat could be on the crisp of decline. Here’s an idea that could spur Snapchat’s survival.

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By now, you’ve probably shared a story on Snapchat or noticed that Instagram and Facebook have adopted the stories feature.

A personal narrative of a millenial’s career aspirations

Initially written for a writing class, this piece gives you a snippet of my thoughts regarding my career interests. I’ve always struggled with sharing personal details, but I’d like to channel the confidence and certainty of my six-year-old self — depicted in this story. I want to challenge the taboo of admitting our outlandish dreams as adults.

Anything used to seem possible. Even my most outlandish ideas were welcomed by warmth and laughter. When you’re young you’re allowed to dream. It’s expected. It’s normal. It’s encouraged.

While waiting for my dad to…

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Snapshot of Zuckerberg’s Open-letter published on his Facebook page

Mark Zuckerberg published a 5,732-word open-letter establishing Facebook’s role in the global community on February 17th. Within the following month, Facebook unveiled three new features improving safety and information accuracy within user communities.

Reflecting upon recent issues regarding fake news and 21st century cultural norms based on new media, Zuckerberg’s manifesto highlights Facebook’s key community values and future initiatives.

“For the past decade, Facebook has focused on connecting friends and families. …

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Food Savior: Your food saver. Your life saver. Eat a little.

(Note for FacebookDesignCrit): I created a case study for an iOS application in order to explore UX/UI for Cornell University’s CUAppDev Intro to Digital Product Design Trainee Program. I am showing my early work to help people track food freshness and figure out whether their food is spoiled, because food waste/proper food storage/knowing how to tell if foods are spoiled are a prevalent issue for people (especially to people living on their own for the first time). And I am looking for feedback on how to improve this case…

Leslie Park

UX & HCI Researcher. Digital well-being strategist. Storyteller. Human experience explorer. http://leslie-park.com

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