Astronaut Adventure (part 3)

In the distance I see craters, and high in the black sky, I see the Earth and the Sun.

(52-Week Writing Challenge Week #6)

I shut off the engine and unbuckle my seat belt. I move carefully in case I float out of my seat again. I don’t float!

I hop out of the pilot’s seat, and then I let Cat out of his seat.

I check my spacesuit to make sure all of my buttons are buttoned and zippers are zipped. I straighten my helmet and pull up my space boot socks.

I fill my pockets with space tools, crayons, and a few sheets of paper. I pick up my bag of supplies.

All set.

I open the door and let down the ladder. Cat and I climb down the ladder rung by rung.

Cat is afraid of heights, so I remind him not to look down.

It seems to take a long time to reach the bottom. I tell Cat that he’s doing a good job and that we’ll be at the bottom soon.

I take a deep breath.

Finally, our feet hit the ground. I’m standing on the Moon!

The Moon is dusty and grey. In the distance I see craters, and high in the black sky, I see the Earth and the Sun. The Earth looks a lot like the Moon does from home, except it’s blue and green. The Sun looks white.

Cat and I explore the Moon and look for a nice place to play. Along the way, I collect a few rocks and fill a jar with moon dust.

As we look around, I can tell that Cat is nervous about space monsters.

“Don’t worry, Cat,” I say. “There are no monsters. Only us.”

Cat feels better.

I glance behind me to see how far we are from the spaceship…just in case. I sigh with relief when I see that the spaceship isn’t too far behind us. I also see a trail of footprints in the moon dust. We shouldn’t have any trouble finding out way back if we do happen to encounter space monsters.

“No space monsters here,” I tell Cat again in my most reassuring voice.

Soon, we find a nice, smooth area to sit on. Cat and I sit to watch and listen. It sure is quiet here.

I pull out my telescope and look out into space.

I see another spaceship fly by though my telescope. I watch as they pass the Moon. It looks like they are going ever farther away than we did. I wonder what planet they’re visiting.

As Cat and I look out into space, we see even more spaceships going in all kinds of directions.

One of them flies by very close. It’s big and white and has a painting of a flag on the side. It looks very fancy.

After the fancy spaceship is too far to see, Cat and I get up and dust ourselves off. It’s time to get the other animals. I’m sure they’d like to see this.

We follow our footprints back to the spaceship.

By the time I make it back, I see that the animals have already climbed out of their bag. They’re looking out the door, and some of them are trying to climb down the ladder.

I run to help them so they don’t fall. It’s a very long way down, and you can’t fly on the Moon the way you do in space.

When we reach the bottom of the ladder, I remind them to stay close by.

“Yes, yes, we promise!” they all say together.

The animals run around. They jump and turn cartwheels. They pile moon dust into little hills and dive into them. They stack moon rocks and make a moon village.

We play for what seems like a very long time. It’s hard to tell what time it is on the Moon. The sky looks black no matter what time of day it is.

I look at Cat and notice that he’s feeling sleepy. He can hardly keep his eyes open. I think he’d like it if we all took a nap.

I pull my pillow and blanket out of the bag and gather all of the animals around. They don’t want to take a nap, but I can tell they are sleepy, too.

I tell them that we’ll have plenty more time to play after we nap.

They seem to agree that a nap would be a good idea. Everyone puts their head down to rest.

I cover us all up, and I drift off to sleep.

{to be continued}