Baby’s First

Today, I am leaving for Spain. My flight leaves in just a few hours. As soon as I walk onto the plane I will have accomplished a new baby’s first. Seems a little silly for a 21 year old but, this is baby’s first study abroad trip. That’s right folks. I’m leaving the great American state of Texas for Sevilla, Spain and I won’t be back for six weeks. I’m on a mission to learn spanish. No, not like those sissy spanish classes we all took and forgot in middle school, high school or even college. I mean really, really learn to speak spanish. My program that I am going with won’t allow me to speak english while in spain so after this post (dramatic dun dun dun) I will be writing the rest of my posts in spanish (although possibly terrible spanish). Along with learning spanish I want to do all the touristy things there are to do in Spain but of course, try as I can to not actually look like a tourist. I’ve been looking up all sorts of things on the internet on how ‘not to look like a tourist fool while abroad’ and looking at my huge camara that I am going to proudly galavant around the country snapping pictures of literally everything, I think I have already failed miserably. Oh well.

I’m hoping this trip will somehow change me- for better of course. I’m positive everyone has these hopes before they set out for a new adventure but not everyone feels as if they have accomplished their goal once returned from their trip. I don’t know exactly what I am looking for. Mainly I just want to realize something about myself that I didn’t know before. Ha! I’m wishfully hoping that this trip will finally help me figure out what I want to do after Rice but that’s a tall order. We shall see.

Another thing is that I’m not nervous. At least not yet. I know my Spanish will just be god awful for a while and it’s going to be so embarrassing to talk to native speakers but, honestly I will just laugh at myself afterwards. I can’t help thinking that I won’t like the group that I am going with. Our Rice group is all girls. Everyone has already been aquainted and generally everyone is welcoming and very nice. That being said I want to go exploring. Not just like walking around the city. I want to go hiking and meet really weird people and do kinda sketchy (but legal) things! I really want some of the girls to be up for that. Anyways, I can hope all I want but the fact is that I will find out soon enough. I absolutely cannot wait to see what is in store for me.

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