Millennials are Tired of Watching Old People Double Down on Batshit and Evil
Holly Wood, PhD 🌹


I don’t disagree with the sentiment, but I think it should be acknowledged that many of your fellow Millennials (the white ones) continue to benefit from systematic institutionalized racism in America as they advocate “dropping out of the system.” You haven’t personally ordered a bombing? Doesn’t make you pure.

Also, I find your continued hatred of Clinton astounding. Would she have cut off funding for women’s health worldwide? Would she have wound up Kim Jung-Il? Would she have hesitated to denounce Neo-Nazis? What old people know experientially, that you don’t yet know, is that sometimes you make the best choice you can. That’s why it’s called a choice. The Millennials who stayed home in November or who cast a vote for Bernie made the wrong choice in the name of Capitalism-created ideological purity.

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