What are the 10 all-time comedy movies of Whoopi Goldberg?

Whoopi Goldberg comedy films have always been everyone’s favorite. Goldberg’s had unique comic talent where she performed varied performances in both drama and comedy fantastically so well, showing the range that a lot of her social group has failed to attain, but it will be forever her comedy features and acting that made her stand out for everyone. Here are the top comedy films as Whoopiee as her.

10. Burglar, 1987

The burglar is a Canadian-American comedy movie by director Hugh Wilson with co-star Bobcat Goldthwait. Burglar Bernie and a bookstore owner played by Whoopi Goldberg was blackmailed by the crooked cop Ray played by G.W. Bailey, imposing her to her ambitious job; the jewelry store heist she is sadly under ready for. Things that headed south rapidly when the murder happened and Bernie were bordered for the loss. Now Bernie and the manic sidekick, Carl played by Bob Goldthwait, needed to clear Bernie’s identity so she may get back to the normal routine of vending books and then stealing it.

9. Fatal Beauty, 1987

The film is an action comedy thriller movie by director Tom Holland. The story is about Detective Rita Rizzoli played by Whoopi Goldberg is familiar with putting on costumes and going secretly to nail the crooks. But she will be obliged to apply all of her apparel and more when the major cocaine ring is alleged of spinning out a potent fresh strain of drug named as the “Fatal Beauty.” With the assistance from her partner, Jimenez played by Ruben Blades, and the previous bodyguard for the local cartel played by Sam Elliott, Rita then will make whatever it cost to locate out the one dealing with Fatal Beauty and then stop them.

8. Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit, 1993

The movie is a type of musical comedy that is loosely from the being of the choir instructor in the Crenshaw High School Mr. Iris Stevenson. In this sequel, Deloris Van Cartier played by Whoopi Goldberg, a Las Vegas performer was surprised by the stopover from her nun sisters, with Sister Mary Patrick played by Kathy Najimy and also Sis. Mary Lazarus played by Mary Wickes. It appeared Deloris is wanted in her nun costume as the Sister Mary Clarence in assisting to teach music to the teens at the worried school in desires of maintaining the facility from shutting at the dispensed of Mr. Crisp played by James Coburn, the callous administrator.

7. Made in America, 1993

This film is an American comedy movie by the Warner Bros. starring Ted Danson, Nia Long, Will Smith, Jennifer Tilly and Whoopi Goldberg and the movie director is Richard Benjamin. The story is about an honor student who discovered her father was a flashy auto salesman and her mother was sperm-bank donor played by Whoopi Goldberg whom she never knew.

6. The Associate, 1996

The Associate is a comedy movie by director Donald Petrie with writer Nick Thiel. The movie is a remake of the 1979 René Gainville’s French movie of identical title, and in turn, was from the 1928 novel, The Partner of Jenaro Prieto. The lead star Whoopi Goldberg played as Laurel is the intelligent investment banker who was fighting to succeed on the Wall Street. When the unqualified white man played by Tim Daly gets a promotion, she quit from her job to begin her personal business, and only to discover that as a lady, she was not really that serious. To fool her opponents, Laurel created the fictitious white guy known as Robert Cutty to handle her financial matters. But as Robert’s fame grows, Laurel realized that living two different lives are tougher than she think it will be.

5. Soapdish, 1991

The film is a comedy movie that narrates the backstage tales of the cast and the crew of the famous fictional TV soap opera. Celeste Talbert played by Sally Field was the star in The Sun Also Sets, one of their long running soap opera. With the show’s rate that is going down, Celeste’s brutal ambitious co-star, Cathy Moriarty played as Montana Moorehead, and the arrogant producer of the show, David Seton Barnes played by Robert Downey Jr. plan to irritate her in leaving the show by simply bringing back the old flame, Kevin Kline played as Jeffrey Anderson, and hiring the adorable young niece, Elisabeth Shue played as Lori Craven.

4. Corrina, Corrina, 1994

This movie is a feature film that was set in 1959 regarding a widower played by Ray Liotta, who hired a nanny played by Whoopi Goldberg to look after his daughter played by Tina Majorino. The movie was mutually directed and written by Jessie Nelson. This was the final film where Don Ameche starred after his death.

3. Ghost, 1990

A ghost is a romantic fantasy thriller movie that was under the direction of Jerry Zucker with writer Bruce Joel Rubin. The story centers on the young lady played by Demi Moore, who was in danger. The ghost of the murdered lover, played by Patrick Swayze and the reluctant psychic played by Whoopi Goldberg, who assisted him in rescuing her although the Goldberg had been faking her powers earlier.

2. Sister Act, 1992

This film is a comedy film by director Emile Ardolino, with writer Joseph Howard. Whoopi Goldberg played as the Reno lounge singer that has been placed under protective care in the San Francisco convent of the Poor Clares and she needs to act like a nun when the mob boss placed her on the hit list. Also starring here were Maggie Smith, Mary Wickes, Harvey Keitel, Kathy Najimy, and Wendy Makkena.

1. Jumpin’ Jack Flash, 1986

The film is a spy comedy movie that stars Whoopi Goldberg. The movie director was Penny Marshall in her theatrical movie directorial debut. Whoopi Goldberg played as Terry Doolittle worked in a bank office with computers. She routinely speaks to other people through her computer, but there was this day when she got connected with the mysterious computer user with a pen of Jumpin’ Jack Flash played by Jonathan Pryce. It takes her some time to decode the message, but Terry then figured it out that Jack was a British furtive agent that was intent behind enemy lines. Then Terry agreed to assist him, but her actions attracted the awareness of the KGB, and they wanted to be familiar with Jack’s true identity and they will kill to have it.

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