Leaderboards, Weekly Sweepstakes, and Goldenglue vs Pobelter

Product Updates

We have some new product updates and new features to share! October has been a super exciting month and our team has been working hard to improve our platform for you all!

With the launch of Playfull Challenges (Versus and Co-Op), we thought it would be necessary to include a leaderboard. You can find the leaderboards in your activity page!

The leaderboards allow you to look at the top 10 Playfull members with the most challenge victories by this week, this month, and all time. You can also filter by specific type of challenge mode in SR, ARAM, or TFT…

New Competitive Features, Riot Sign On, and Playfull Partners!

Product Updates

Riot Sign On
We have exclusive access to Riot Game’s Riot Sign-On which allows new Playfull members to sign-up directly via Riot Games to link their Riot account with Playfull! This replaces the verification process and guarantees that your login information stays safe with Riot.

You can now invite your friends and work together in Co-Op Challenges 💛

We added a new mode to the new Challenges Feature called Co-Op Challenges. You can now invite your friends to join you in a challenge. Your goal is to win a match together to win Playpoints!

To help you share this feature with more friends, we’ve built Co-Op Challenges so you can invite non-Playfull members to participate. Your friends will need to create a Playfull account to accept your challenge request.

How to Enter Co-Op Challenges

Step 1: Go to Activity Page and copy your unique link to send to a friend

Friendly 1v1 competition where members compete to see who can win their next LoL or TFT match for extra rewards!

Introducing…🥁🥁🥁…Playfull Challenges!!! We’re super excited to launch this feature as the first of many new competitive features coming soon to Playfull.

Introducing Playfull Challenges!

Playfull Challenges is a friendly 1v1 competition between two Playfull members where you compete for Playpoints to see who can win their next match in SR, ARAM, or TFT (place in top 4). This competition is based on you winning your own individual games and you don’t have to be playing in the same match to compete. Great way to earn Playpoints while competing with fellow Playfull members!

Challenges require 500 Playpoints to challenge someone, however, as a gift…

New Playfull Shop Features, PlayZone, and YouTube! ✨

Product Updates

To help members navigate through the Playfull Shop, we have added sort, search, and filter features!

Search allows you to simply type in what rewards you are looking for instead of scrolling through all the rewards when you know what you want!

Playfull Partnering with TikTok

Playfull x TikTok

Playfull is all about growing our community so that more people can learn the importance of play and enjoy a quality experience on our platform. To do so, we are very excited to announce our new partnership with TikTok, the leading destination for short-form video entertainment!

This partnership will give Playfull users more opportunities to earn Playpoints while enriching the app with fun gaming content and amplifying TikTok’s gaming presence. The Playfull team is excited to connect TikTok users with the Esports and gaming community via Playfull’s rewards platform.

How it Works

Summoner Verification, Daily Missions, and New Partnerships!

Product Updates

Many of you requested a more transparent and visible way to earn Playpoints. We implemented new daily missions that show up on your Activity page. This is a new way for our users to earn Playpoints and give you mini-missions to work towards as you play League!

Referral Program, ARAM Supported, and TikTok!

Product Updates

We launched a referral program so now you can invite friends to join Playfull and win rewards with you! You and your friend will both receive 300 Playpoints when your friend signs up using your referral link.

To refer a friend, first log in to your Playfull account. Then click your profile icon on the top left to take you to the profile settings page.

Playfull rebrand with new logo, colors, and mascot!

As Playfull continues to expand, we’re excited to unveil a new logo and mascot that more accurately represents our current brand and values!


First, we’d like to take a walk down memory lane and discuss our first logo. This logo was first created when we built the Playfull app, an app where you could play fun mini games to win rewards at local restaurants.

New Landing Page, Verification Process, and YouTube

Product Updates

Playfull has seen explosive growth over the last month! Because we’re welcoming so many new members to the community, we’ve had a huge focus on user experience so the platform is welcoming and easy to use. Specifically, that means a new landing page and a new Summoner Name verification process.

The new landing page provides more information about Playfull so that when new users join they’ll have a better understanding of how Playfull works. It also just looks more vibrant and refreshing than our old landing page!

Landing Page with our new logo and mascot, Pluu!

We’ve included a new video embedded on the top of the landing page…

Leslie Yen

Product Marketing Associate at Playfull

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