WhatsApp stickers designed by Elsma Ramirez

Another way to express ourselves

WhatsApp launched in 2009 as a text and voice messaging application changing the way we communicate with others. It is a free service that allows users to call, send text, images, or voice recordings to anyone in a very seamless way. …

The Munchies collection designed by Elsma Ramirez @Blush.design

The value of product illustrations and how to create a scalable system.

Before we start talking about this amazing topic, we need to align some thoughts on what is illustration and how it can add value when designing our products.

Illustration is a tool of communication that helps to simplify complex ideas into clear messages; links concepts, capture feelings, and shapes the…

UX Design interview challenge

Design challenges are one of the key aspects during the product design interview process, where the designers are asked to solve a problem and to present it. In this way, the company can evaluate design thinking, process, problem-solving, craft and presentation skills. There are 3 types of design exercises, Live…

Elsma Ramirez

Product Designer • Illustrator @leslongui www.lesketches.com

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