The Munchies collection designed by Elsma Ramirez

How to design an illustration system

The value of product illustrations and how to create a scalable system.


🛠 Designing for an open-source project



Sketching. Defining the scope of the collection
How the elements will interact within the system

Color palette

Color palette


Illustration categories

Tools and Specs

Sketch view — Layers
Sketch view to create a symbol
Naming conventions
Symbols by category
Create a Master component
Left: Video showing how to create the nested component — Right: Nested components view

High-level overview

Left: Symbols and nested components view in Sketch — Right: Master combinations

And voila! Mix and match your illustrations

Blush design, types of illustration.
Usage of the illustration system
Food app implementation
Food article. Mockup by Anthony Boyd Graphics by Pablo Stanley
Thank you

Product Designer • Illustrator @leslongui

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