What I learned at Vincent Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam

Hi! I spent one afternoon at the Museum of Vincent Van Gogh in Amsterdam, The Netherlands last March (during holidays for Eastern in 2–16). 
I was impressed that the famous “The Starry Night” paint is not in this museum!. But anyway, I enjoyed learning from his life and how he innovated art!

me at the Van Gogh museum (March 2016)

I would like to share this :)

  • age is not a problem! at all!, you can start right now. Go for your passion… now!
  • family is important! keep in touch with parents/siblings (send them letters with updates, as Van Gogh used to do)
  • train yourself! you need to realize what you want to do! and start training yourself! maybe you can be your best teacher!
  • try new things!!! As any other interesting history! Van Gogh was not meant to be an artist at the begining, but because of his curiosity and courage he tried new things that lead him to find his passion.
  • show innovation that is why you will be able to change the world