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“myth”? vaccine damage is real. how on earth do you call yourselves journalists? (do you call yourselves journalists?) how is 45 “anti vax”? that word is just a propoganda tool to shut down any discussion on the topic. his vaccine injured nephew goes to school with my vaccine injured son. because he’s seen the damage vaccines cause and questions whether it’s too much too soon you label him anti vax? why are you so threatened by questioning the current out of control vaccine policy? 72 doses for our kids now and counting. doesnt concern you that cdc who puts vaccines on the schedule own 56 vaccine patents? 13 top scientist Whistleblowers admitting to falsifying data on MMR autism study of no concern? Hep B shot containing 225 mcg of aluminum on first day of life? Can you explain the purpose of that? yea — didnt think so. why dont you do your job and actually investigate the truth about vaccines instead of regurgitating lies and propaganda? grow a pair.

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