Eggcelent questions. (Sorry, I’m a dad, can’t help it.)
Jordan Greenhall

Well… I dunno… re #1) I read the Reddit user’s post and the comments beneath the post and I woudn’t say it’s dolphin — Icthyosaur level change. It’s more like an Icthyosaur in a dolphin suit. In fact, it just looked like an Icthyosaur to me that could type. As member of one of the oppressed groups that has been climbing out of the prison we were in for the past several 1000 years, I can’t figure out what they want other than for us to be back in it. One of the comments was basically, “the best weapon we have is our wives wombs! Start churning out white babies and we’ll win the war.” Um. That’s precisely what we no longer want to do, or be “for.” So, what exactly are they reinventing?

I also think this shows a weakness in the tribalism theory- yes, humans are tribal. But within the tribe there grew a fissure — one that separated 51% of of it from the other. The tribe must be put back together in a new way, one that does not require subjugation if the Insurgancy wants to actually win. I see absolutely zero evidence of this realization in the leaders of this insurgancy or its followers. And even if they could force a tribe based on that prior subjugation, which they are in fact trying very hard to do, it will be unsustainable. All human systems dependent on the subjugation of one human group by another are unstable. History has shown this to be a fact. So they need to start turning into dolphins very soon if they want to win the long game. (And I only mean this as it applies to the US. The movements in Europe are slightly different — they have some advantages, but then the big disadvantage of having actually been directly involved in the pitfalls of nationalism before, which will be hard to overcome).

I agree with #2), but also some thoughts/questions on #3) — I don’t really think that the Blue had dominated the media. In fact, it was red dominated up until perhaps the addition of MSNBC. Murdoch rules the media; he owns the most watched and read media channels. And I think the cultural part of the media — Tv shows, magazines, movies just as usual reflect the reality in the cities — people who were subjugated before were attempting, and /or getting up out of the pit/out of the prisons/and into jobs and education and leadership positions. They were getting laws to allow and protect their existence. That does not mean that the media was run by them, Hollywood has always reflected culture (and they would say they determine it but that’s really not the case, it’s a feedback loop, but whatever), but it does mean it was reflecting them because that made money. And since money is the other thing that rules the media besides Murdoch, and globalization is actually where the money is, the newspapers oh so “liberal” like the NYT are in fact neoliberal. Which used to be Red, and this confuses the issue, and is the reason why the Church of blue is weak. It’s not cohesive at all. And why that is I think is fairly simple- the blue was formed by the inclusion of the newly freed (sort of freed, in name only really, etc. etc), so the Blue didn’t even exist until post 60's. It wasn’t a cohesive thing before it was triangulated and taken over by neoliberals championing the rights of the subjugated while running with the money. So the Church of Blue fractured from within. And Hilary, bless her, couldn’t be anything more than a hologram.

Yes on hills and valleys strategy, but again, as a previous commentator posted, the Church of Blue is not some kind of bastion that is being destroyed by a brilliant insurgency. The Insurgency is definitely using a novel & excellent strategy and all, but unforced errors crippled the Blues, making it an easy target.

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