“It doesn’t seem to occur to many liberals that conservatives have a completely different view of…
Terri Crispin

“ When she wins we’re going to have four more years of obstruction and blind partisanship.”

The blame for a lot of that is ours — “ours” being WE Democrats — because WE don’t bother voting for Democrats to Congress on the down ticket and we’re too lazy to go to the polls during midterm elections. So, if WE want to stop the obstructionism of the GOP, WE have to get off our behinds and vote.

I am the same age as your mother and I was a Bernie supporter, not only because of his philosophy but also because of his admirable honesty and integrity. I still respect this man’s judgement enough to follow his lead and vote for Hillary. He did not sell out; he simply knows more about Congress and how it works than some of his supporters.

“ Nothing will get done on infrastructure, health care or education.” I’d like to add sensible gun legislation to the equation, something that is consistently overlooked until the next mass shooting. You’re right, but only if WE shirk OUR responsibilities as citizens by not giving her a strong Democratic Congress.

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