How I Understood That My Time is Limited..

One way street (As time) — Unsplash

Ok, I admit it, I leave things to be done at the last minute. And if there is no deadline, my personal projects goes thru an infinite loop of “I will do it later”..

But when I saw this video of how procrastinators see their life pass by without achieving anything (I Highly recommended funny TED talk!)

Inside the mind of a procrastinator —Tim Urban

I started to see things differently, and maybe it will help you too, this is the reason that I am sharing it, because it can help you define goals in your life.

Here is my Life, measured in weeks: 4,264 to be precised. According to the life expectancy in British Columbia, and optimistically looking at it.

Read it like this: Every row is 1 year, every box is a week. Every black box is a burned week. And to finish: The blue boxes are retirement at 52 (again, I am an optimistic).

Life expectancy measured in weeks.

Hope this helps you understand that your lifespan is a limited fragile thing, one last quote to remember..

Remember: a burned box, is a lost box.

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If you want the template to take a visual count of your weeks too. send me an email at or write me at twitter: @lespinalrivera. I will be more than happy to share it with you.

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