Anyone Can Create A Specialized Marketing Technology Stack

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With over 2000 MarTech vendors like CallRail, which provide call analytics for small businesses and Unbounce with its landing page optimization service, anyone can create a specialized marketing stack.

However, whether you are a new marketer, small business or ad agency, one of the two tools you must have in your marketing stack starts with Google Analytics.

I know a lot of folks would disagree for various reasons. For one, Google Analytics has over thirty different features and an unlimited number of dashboards that can leave you feeling like you have no idea what it all means. Additionally, setting up and tracking vital metrics like conversions can sometimes be painful and leave you wishing you had a dedicated analytics team.

But even with all of the user experience issues, Google Analytics is still the better choice to track key items in your marketing stack.

Source: Kevin Sandlin

There is no non-technical data exchange process between Google Analytics and various MarTech applications. But there is Google Sheets and the very useful Google Analytics Spreadsheet add-on that you could use to centralize and visualize your data. Google was even kind enough to include video-based tutorials and step-by-step instructions to get you started with the Google Analytics Spreadsheet add-on.

Once you have your Google Analytics data in a spreadsheet, you could use the proven method of “copy and paste” to layer on metrics from your other marketing apps. The process is cumbersome, but it’s a manual fix that just works.

Bottomline: Using multiple marketing applications can be overwhelming due to constantly changing features and massive amounts of information you have to track daily. Marketing technology stack pain is real and organizations are losing money on bad ads and ineffective marketing strategies.

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