[English] My Network Makes My Knowledge

Basically, school contains two types of people: students and teachers. They have their “purposes” of studying or teaching. But, they also have the “rules” that made by their “groups” such as their country, region, school, company, language, friends, parents, etc. So, they have to follow their “group-rules” like school-rules, company-rules, society-rules, and so on.

Therefore, teaching and studying are affected by these rules.

The groups also have their “attributes”. For example, my family have a flow of money. My behavior is affected by these attributes. If a teacher wants to teach math, he/she can’t because of their group-rules like this: “In our society, it is just for exam that to study something”.

I think that their “purposes” are also affected by their “groups” which made by their “human-network”. The typical Japanese people believe that the purpose of studying is all about exam, and our purposes of studying or teaching are affected them through our human-network or our groups. So, my point is this: Our purposes or behavior have some constraints that depend on our human-network, regardless whether we want or not. In the other words, my “human-network” makes my “behavior-constraints”. If you want to change someone’s behavior, you may have to change his/her network.

This problem is described by following factors:

1. object (a person) and their attributes
2. his/her network
3. groups and their attributes
4. “relations” among persons (groups is a kind of relation)

There are some questions:
1. How to guess their behavior or knowledge by their network?
2. What can you know about their network?
3. How to control their behavior?

S: students
P/B: parents/brothers
T: teachers
O: other people
N: neighbor

The students belong to their groups: friends-group, family, school, area, country, etc. These groups give them “information”. But they can not reject them especially it comes from their country (government). In fact, education is specified by government. You can’t control the government’s policy or society-rules unless you are the lobbyist.

BTW, if I can tell me at the time of 13 years old, I would give this information for myself: “Japanese education is sucks. Do not trust your school teacher and TV. Do the right things. Find your interest on the Internet. Learn English more and more. Don’t be the economic-animals’ pet.”

But, I will never tell this for someone else.

Link: https://yugenmugen.blogspot.jp/2016/07/english-my-network-makes-my-knowledge.html