This Is What It Feels Like To Be “Grabbed By the Pussy” By Someone You Know
Allison Bedford

This discussion is long overdue. It took a moron like Trump to bring it to the fore. The truth of the matter is assault is assault, in whatever form it takes. The excuses and rationalizations are wrong.

What are we teaching our boys and girls? Nowhere is this type of behavior acceptable. Nowhere. Not in a classroom, not on the playground, not on a college campus or frat house, not on a celebrity laden tour bus and certainly not in the White House. Nowhere.

I guess the idiot(s) that have brought this topic to the forefront are owed an accolade for raising everyone’s attention to this serious issue. Starting now, let’s discuss the narrative that we will teach our our boys and girls; sexual assault in any form is not acceptable. It is not “locker room talk”, it is not “boys being boys”. It is simply wrong.