Dr.Jordan Peterson is one of the most impactful people i've came across recently . I still regret not discovering him earlier but i am still 16 so it's still not too late , I strongly recommend reading his books and listening to his lectures . People resist consuming his content because he's falsely represented by the media for cliche reasons , imagine accusing a man of sexism and misrepresenting him as a guy who enforces ''TOXIC MASCULINITY " just because he has a larger proportion of male viewers .

Dr.Peterson to me and many other people is like a father figure and his viewers are generally people seeking some sort of direction in their lives and Mr.Peterson guides his audience in a really rational ,impact fully and motivational manner and makes people's lives better I MEAN WHAT ELSE DO YOU WANT?

However, i am writing tis blogpost to make to aware of the greatness you are missing out on . 
Mr.Peterson makes logical points on his topic and being a professor of psychology really takes it to the next level. 
Dr. Peterson should be appreciated for his admirable efforts in guiding the youth to a better future .
Being a teenager myself i can say that putting time and effort into consuming Dr.Peterson's content is absolutely worth it . I am taking up responsibility for my actions now, instead of blaming it on someone else also i fell more confident and this is just the beginning .

thanks :]



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