Simon Ubsdell — making trailers with the aid of Kyno

For more than two decades Simon Ubsdell has been one of the premier editors behind trailers and promos for both films and TV. It’s Kyno that helps Ubsdell turn his huge libraries of footage into punchy clips that linger in the memory.

Having overseen hundreds of trailer campaigns across a 25-year career, Simon Ubsdell’s reputation is unmistakable. Previously the co-founder and creative director of The Picture Production Co — which stood as the top trailer house outside the U.S. under his oversight — Ubsdell now runs the London-based Tokyo Productions Ltd.

Image from Beyond Sleep, 2016
Image from Life, 2015
Image from The Last King, 2016
Image from Ma Ma, 2015

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Kyno is an easy-to-use media management, screening, logging, organisation and transcoding toolset for anyone working with video. Available now for macOS.

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