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With a little management from Kyno, NINE&ONE maintains well-organized and permanently growing library of media assets on shared storage.

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5 min readJun 21, 2017
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‘One spirit, one team, one win.’ This iconic slogan doesn’t just apply to sports teams, but also the businesses behind them. Operating out of Salzburg, NINE&ONE create brand content for high-profile names such as Red Bull, Nixon, DJI and Marc O’Polo.

NINE&ONE handle every stage of production; from concept, to creation, to delivery. Simultaneously, they manage a variety of top athletes and influencer marketing campaigns. This includes young surfing phenomenon Frankie Harrer, freestyle kite pro Stefan Spiessberger and top of the world mountain skier Fabian Lentsch.

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The absolute influencer

Athletes are role models, have a strong story to tell, and travel all over the world…. but it’s not easy collecting an abundance of footage from distant, diverse environments. Sometimes the right software is needed to make these extremes a little, well, softer.

“Kyno was a game changer for us,” says company founder Karin Lechner. “The level of organization we have now — making extensive use of tagging and filtering — allows us the freedom to pursue visual material anywhere, anywhen.”

Brand awareness is absolute in the sporting world, so it’s vital that athletes, press and partners can be immediately given specific assets on demand. This makes shared storage irreplaceable.

“We’re marketing people, not techies,” jokes Karin. “But with Kyno, everyone finds what they need quickly. We can prepare the collections on demand by using tags for certain projects or shots. Plus, there’s no more hopping between folders to compare one photo with another.”

With a little managment from Kyno, NINE&ONE now maintains well-organized and permanently growing library of media assets on shared storage.

©Elias Holzknecht/NINE&ONE

Moving mountains: Snowmads

A recent feature film produced by NINE&ONE, titled “Snowmads — A Journey Towards Eastern Suns”, follows famous skier Fabian Lentsch into the Iranian and Georgian mountains.

For NINE&ONE, Snowmads was an exercise in making dreams come true. Fabian Lentsch could pursue one of the biggest adventures of his life, while brand partners could be tied into the narrative in an authentic way. Thus came the decision to build a truck. A truck which could autonomously take camera crews and ski professionals across rocky, snowy terrain for over four months — Fabian’s very own home on wheels.

The Snowmads truck was a beast; customized to hold an abundance of filmmaking gear, sports equipment, a power generator and up to eight people. By necessity the team was limited to a single DOP and a constantly shifting roster of assistants. Within this close-knit crew, Kyno essentially became a member of the team in its own right.

“Videos and pictures play a super-important role in our line of work,” says Karin. “We handle huge amounts of them — both during a film production like Snowmads and for standard marketing purposes, like sneak peeks on social media.

“It was essential for us to have a tool like Kyno that doesn’t take a long time to figure out. In fact, everyone in the team just started using it and learned everything extremely quickly just from hands-on experience.”

Back on home turf

Kyno is not only useful in the field, but on the home front as well. It’s daily business for NINE&ONE to deal with media requests about certain athletes. Therefore, a comprehensive overview of activities is essential, and Kyno’s drilldown function is in constant use.

“The tool provides an extremely good overview of all still and moving images of our athletes,” says Karin. “That Kyno syncs newly created tags within shared folders is a great advantage. All metadata stays updated, even between devices, and we don’t need to manually provide new files with tags. It simply saves work!”

Not to mention, social media has become a huge factor in telling brand stories. Working with each of their athletes on an individual basis, the NINE&ONE home office is constantly striving to build up loyal communities via online channels. Kyno helps the team to efficiently manage all assets and plan content for social media in a quicker, more streamlined manner.

“Kyno makes it possible to get the most out of our athletes’ content. For example, we can cut 2–4 highlighted frames out of a video and reuse the media across social platforms.

“Then we discovered that Kyno can put together Excel spreadsheets without much effort — that was additional icing on the cake. In communication with production partners, we can now quickly mock up shot lists or clip lists with annotations. It makes life a lot easier, cutting out all the trivialities and admin.”

©Jonas Blum/NINE&ONE

Onwards and upwards

From strategy to production, from sponsorships to social media, NINE&ONE tailor each piece of content to a brand’s marketing needs.

NINE&ONE aim to use Kyno throughout most moving image productions in the future, as well as recommend it to their partner producers. By keeping NINE&ONE internally lean, but internationally spread out, this network of media experts are able to stay flexible at a global level.

According to Karin: “Kyno will simplify communication — especially the feedback process — plus save time when editing existing footage. Then as we become more and more efficient, our clients will get to reap the rewards. It’s a win-win.”

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