What happened to us?

I remember the old times whenever I felt down, I could just call you and we would talk about it over the phone for hours.

The sadness and loneliness fade with each word of comfort and assurances we gave to one another.

Your voice was the only sure way to make me feel good on those times, nothing else could.

We were lovers and most importantly, we were bestfriends.

But now calling you would be disrespectful and immature. I cannot just give you a ring and act like we are still the same persons.

You already have your own life, and you deserve to be left alone in peace. The last thing you need is someone from your past barging into the life your trying to rebuild.

We were once two persons who were in love, happy and couldnt be separated.

We both knew us very well and what made us tick but now, we are just strangers to each other. What happened to us?

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