A Poor Kid From The Philippines: Never Heard Of Marketing To Becoming A Genius In Digital Marketing

Once upon a time in a far away place in the small island of the Philippines lived a young child of 5 who worked hard in the farm. The 7th child of 13, the son of a poor farmer and a vegetable vendor of a farmer’s market, he learned the hard work tilling the soil, cleaning between rows of pineapple plantation with nothing but a small knife with just a short and shirt while being pricked by pineapple crowns’ thorns.

Everyday, he will wake up before the sunrise, work in the farm, and gather e fruits and vegetables, placed it in two crates and carry them with a pole.

He will bring those fruits and vegetable in the farmer’s market 5 miles away thru hills and valleys before 7 am for his mom to sell it.

Market as in Farmer’s Market is the only market word he knows at a very young age. He doesn’t know what it means, he just saw his mom selling to customers until everything are gone. Afterwards, he will fry banana plantain coated with sugar and goes house to house selling. This is his way of life

Until one day, he had an opportunity to go to America. He worked hard and went to school at the same time. He learned that having your own business is the best way. So he went from business to business, multi-level and other self-employment activities, but nothing change. He was still living from paycheck to paycheck.

Because of his experience starting small business but failing, he realized that owning a business doesn’t equal success. He thought to himself, “what is the missing ingredients to make a business successful?”

Because of that, he kept looking for that missing ingredients. He is now convinced that he for every failures, he is getting closer to his goals.

Until one day, he found that “Marketing” is the key. Without this missing ingredient, a business won’t be successful. Further research continues. And finally the light at the end of the tunnel was revealed — Udacity’s Digital Marketing Nanodegree with real business people teaching it who are successful in their business and in great collaboration with some of the biggest technology companies in the world like Google, Facebook, Mailchimps and Hootsuite. He is finally experiencing and learning digital marketing not just by memorizing but by doing, with supports from his groups, forums, mentors and his instructors.

Ever since learning from Udacity, he is now connecting with his target segments. He learns how to project to his tribes with analysis to make the right decision and make his business grow.

From a simple farming boy to a great digital marketer — the answer is Udacity Digital Marketing Nanodegree.

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