Ten Questions About my Project

0. What is your vision? How does this project fit in the bigger image of what you’re planning to build?

In the future I would like to start up a Re-issue label and create limited runs of interesting physical copies of music that has already been released before. These releases might have been a small time release or a very big release, the decision to re-issue a release will initially be based on my personal taste but it could also be based on what would be more likely to sell and therefore generate more revenue.

  1. What is your pitch? Can you sum up your project in one simple sentence, making it sound informative, concise and interesting?

To generate revenue by selling music to a niche market of music enthusiasts.

2. Have you updated your blog with your progress? Can your tutor follow your updates and see your rationale behind the project? (At least 1 update per week needed.)

Yes I have been trying to keep my blog updated as much as possible so that my progress can be tracked.

3. What is the final goal of the project? Is it tangible, expressed in numbers and specific metrics? What constitutes success for you and what is project failure?

The success of this project will be measured by how quickly I can sell the physical copies of music and also by how much profit is created.

4. Have you broken down the final goal into small, achievable steps? SInce you know what your goal is, what are the milestones towards getting there?

The biggest and most important step is getting the actual vinyls pressed. This is mainly because it will be the most costly part of the process and the quality will also have to be good enough.

5. What potential problems will you encounter along the way? Have you made a list of at least 10 problems in each step?

The band in question could split up and stop making music half way through the process.

the quality of the vinyl could end up being very poor

there could end up being unforeseen costs involved that slow the project down

it could be harder to sell the vinyls than anticipated. I may have misjudged the market and my network may not be sufficient.

The artwork for the release could take longer than anticipated. for example the band might not like the artwork we arrange.

6. Have you prepared a remedy for the problems? What solutions do you propose, in case — God forbid! — they appear?

Its quite hard to prepare for most of these issues especially financial issues. All i can do is maintain a rapore with the band and make sure they are still on time with their recording sessions and try to get an idea (if possible) of the bands situation. its hard to keep a band like this going and its a delicate situation.

The quality of the vinyl can be researched via internet blogs where people have given feedback about the vinyl plant etc. hopefully enough reliable feedback can be collated to make a decision that works.

Artwork can be done by close friends who are efficient and reliable. this would be a great solution if the chosen artist is taking too long or doesnt end up doing it at all. this would also be 100% free as well.

7. Who do you need to connect with, in order to complete your project? Have you made a list of specific professionals/organisations/networks you should connect, collaborate with and get feedback from, in order to achieve your final goals?

I Think i need to connect with someone who can do a good deal on limited runs of 7" vinyl. so somebody who either works at or runs/owns a vinyl plant.

8. What audience do you need to get started? If you need the public’s participation, what size of audience do you need for the project and where are they hanging out?

We need Hardcore Punks and crust punks to like what we are doing. they are mainly at punk gigs and it would definitely require keeping up a rapport with some members of the punk community. key people to keep ‘in’ with would be promoters and also band members from bands that might be considered in vogue at the moment. not in a false way that could be perceived as forced but it is important to bare in mind.

9. Do you need professional feedback? What questions do you need to get answered? Have you prepared a questionnaire with 3 essential questions for your project?

What am i doing wrong/ how can i improve this idea?

Can i apply this to more commercial ventures [less obscure music]

is there anything from your own experience that you could share related to my project?

10. Most importantly, who can WE, your tutors, connect you with? Mention two professionals/organisations/networks you’d ideally like us to bring you in touch with.

Mr Bongo

Also anyone who works in/ runs a vinyl plant