Going Viral When You Least Expect It

A cautionary tale about the importance of haircuts.


Just over 2 months ago, a close friend of mine who lived across the hall from me in college hit me up after coming off a of stint working as Kanye West’s assistant. He was newly in LA on a more permanent basis and had some free time to work on some ideas we’d always talked about years ago.

He brought up an idea for a music video concept for Redbone by Childish Gambino that would be an homage to the recent breakout hit Get Out. The idea was simple…

Donald Glover (Childish Gambino) was going to be busy shooting the new Han Solo movie and Atlanta. Between those two he likely wasn’t going to have time or was even planning on making any music videos, even for the hit that Redbone has now become. There was our opportunity. We were going to be the ones to make the most popular video for Redbone. And not just that, we were going to make it a political commentary. Because why not?

We never really expected anything to happen. And you want to know how you can tell? Just look at my hair.

The day of our shoot, I was planning on going to the barber right before to be all fresh and clean for the shoot. I’ve never acted before. Seriously. My job has always been behind the camera, directing the scene. But for narrative reasons, it would have more political effect if I played the role of our protagonist. But somehow between getting the gear ready and driving down to our set in Newport Beach from Downtown Los Angeles, it just slipped my mind.

Had I known this would eventually become my first video to get over 400,000 views, “I would have probably done things differently”.

Just another friendly reminder that success can come when you least expect. Keep grinding 💪🏾 and don’t forget to get a hair cut ✂️


Watch our video for Redbone here